Pre-Handing Over Snagging Services

Is your property handover nearby? The next step would be to employ our exceptional snagging services to ensure that you get your property in a prime and perfect condition as our team will provide you with a detailed report that summarizes all defects and issues found within your new property and proposals to solve the same.

Re-Sale Inspection Services

Are you planning to buy or rent your Dream house? SHMSCO Professional Engineering team will inspect the property to ensure that you get your property in the best condition and free of any defects. 


De-snagging Services

Now, are you done with the snagging stage? And do you want to ensure that all the inspected points have been complied with in an accurate way? With our De snagging services, we can provide you the trust and confident that all the defects from the original snagging list have been rectified and that nothing has been further damaged during the repairs.