FAQ Page

Once the developer informs you that your property is ready to move into, that’s when you call us, and we will explain to you why.

There are some liabilities, responsibilities and expenses by the developer and these costs are NOT to be borne by you, so why would you!!?

To avoid these additional and unnecessary costs before you buy your new property you need experts to provide you the proper checking and inspect your property to assure that all the finishing quality, the hidden property equipment’s, connections and unseen parts functionality are on perfect shape and condition.

Nevertheless, this service will avoid you from any headache of moving into your new home and live in many days and nights of maintenance and disturbance due to an noticed defect. The same also may cause latent flaws that may cost you more money in the future if it is not rectified in the early stages.

Any small defect/problem that remains in the newly built property/unit after completing the construction work. Snag can be something seen (such as scratches, damaged or broken parts, mismatching, etc.) or something hidden which may not appear but can create more problems to the property (such as unproperly fixed/supported cabinet unit, containment parts damaged inside the walls, flooring, or ceiling, leaking pipes, tripping circuits, etc.).

There are many reasons that may result in different type of snags in any construction that is been completed or near to completion stage, some of them can be mentioned as below:

  • Design related issues: which can be referred to the developer usually or the client representative which usually is the consultant for any design matter.
  • Selected material quality, specifications implemented and the followed standards in the project: which is an important aspect to be focusing on during your searching for new house. Knowing the developer and other stakeholders of the project is very important to avoid such issues.
  • Poor workmanship and quality monitoring and assurance during the construction: which also can be referred to by the developer/client as their supervision team and contractors are responsible for the same.
  • Deformities due to the time passage factor & the implicit effects caused due to the property life span: which can’t be prevented but can be reduced to minor by continuous checking, monitoring and proper maintenance.

The snagging stage is the process of checking the new property for any defect, snag or fault that need to be rectified before handing over the property.

Usually this process works at the final stages of the construction of any property and before handing it over from the client/developer (the seller) to the end user (the buyer-YOU). The developer is responsible for addressing all the snags and defects that the end user may find during the snagging stage before the official handing over.

During the snagging stage, a report will be generated concluding all the defects and snags which were found and the same to be recorded and provided to the developer to rectify and commit with his liabilities toward the property they are selling to YOU.